Hope Explored

Sunday, October 29, 2023
12:00 pm
St Bede's Drummoyne
19 College St Drummoyne

What is the best future you could imagine?

There are few emotions more powerful than hope. But these days, hope often feels hard to come by. Where can we find a hope that won’t disappoint us?

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke's Gospel. This three-session series shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

Be part of Hope Explored this spring.

We're hosting Hope Explored at St Bede's on Sundays over lunch, on October 29th, November 5th & November 12th.

What should you expect at Hope Explored?

All sessions start with a time to connect, relax and build friendships over lunch.


The Hope Explored sessions include a chance to read straight from the Bible, a short film to prompt discussion and an opportunity to share our own questions and thoughts. The sessions cover the themes of Hope, Peace and Purpose.


One of the most important components of Hope Explored is the chance to ask questions and share different points of view. We love making space to explore - there’s nothing you can’t ask at Hope Explored.

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